Joseph T. Gorman
In Memoriam - Former Board Member
TRW, Inc.

Mr. Joseph Gorman passed away in early of 2013. His contribution to the company, his wisdom, his oversight, and his heart and passion to introduce this life-changing technology will be sorely missed.

Mr. Gorman was the retired Chairman and CEO of TRW, Inc., a company with revenues of over $17 billion at the time of his retirement. A native of Indiana, Mr. Gorman holds a BA Degree from Kent State University and a doctoral degree from Yale School of Law. In addition, Mr. Gorman was a member of the President’s Export Council, the President’s Advisory Group of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Mr. Gorman served as a Director of Alcoa, Inc. and retired as a 20 year Director from the Proctor and Gamble Company. He also previously served as a Director of Imperial Chemical Industries and National City Corp.
Joseph T. Gorman