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Thank you ChromaGen

"Growing up with Dyslexia, I learned many coping strategies. The two biggest accommodations I had in school were blue paper and blue overlays. For me, black on white causes a glare and makes my head hurt. However, I have learned to over look the pain of a headache and just push forward. Now I am a 3rd grade teacher and use my experiences to help others. Since getting the ChromaGen lenses I have noticed a calming effect when my eyes get tired.

They take the glare away and just make reading easier. The most rewarding thing for me is to watch one of my students who has struggled like I have, use the ChromaGen lenses. She would complain of her head hurting and the words not being clear. I let her borrow mine one day just to show her mother and her reading and math improved in front of her mothers eyes! She too has her own pair now and to watch her become so confident in everything she does has been truly a blessing to watch. I am confident she will not have to struggle or learn coping strategies as I did growing up. Thank you ChromaGen, I am definitely spreading the word!"


Self confidence is becoming her companion

"Jordyn loves to read, but she struggles, and after reading two pages she quits. I can see sadness and defeat on her young face as she asks me to finish the story. Reading glasses and special testing didn’t help. One specialist tried to tell us that Jordy was lying and pretending. Jordyn's grades at school started going down right along with her self esteem. I read about ChromaGen lenses and had Jordyn tested.

I loved the fact that you can see results immediately! When I asked Jordyn how she felt about the lenses, her response was, "I just dont really want to take them off". Jordy loves her lenses. Her grades are improving. She is ahead in her reading and told me, I can even solve math problems. Jordyn is happier and self confidence is becoming her companion. Thank you, ChromaGen!"

-Jordyn's Grammy

Jay went from 64 words a minutes to 174 words a minute

"I have to tell you what has taken place within the last 5 days. Last Friday is when Dr. Huggett told me about ChromaGen. I came home and went on the web site to familiarize myself with it as I was ecstatic that something came on the market those who suffer with Dyslexia. That same night my son, Michael a sales manager in California told me he had just hired Jay, young man, married with a family. He said Jay had been diagnosed with Dyslexia as a young child and struggled all his life with reading and being ridiculed by teachers, peers and family members. I immediately shared with him about ChromaGen. I thought it was amazing that Dr. Huggett was involved with this product and the same day I find out about it, my son calls me with questions concerning Dyslexia.

I immediately guided them to the ChromaGen web site and asked Jay to take the 7 question survey and see if he was a candidate and if so to locate a doctor in his area off the web site. He took the survey that same night and he located Dr. Gording in Sherman Oaks CA and I am happy to say that Dr. Gording now has a new patient! Jay went from 64 words a minute to 174 words a minute with the new lens. Needless to say, his story is one of success and he is anxiously awaiting his new glasses. How wonderful for him as he feels restored and is hopeful for his new future. Jay is willing to share his testimony with ChromaGen for he says this has been life changing for him. All within a matter of days, the timing of this is incredible."

-Teresa Vumbaco

They have changed my family's life

"As a father and husband it is of the utmost importance to me to consistently do the best I can for my family. I realize they look to me for guidance and support in all things, whether trivial or serious. There is nothing that makes me happier or fills me with warmth more than knowing somehow I contributed to their happiness in some way. I also realize that it’s a full time commitment and that the guidance they need cannot waver.Being in radio for 21 years, I think it would be safe to say that I’ve seen it all. Ive seen the fads, the tricks, the smoke and the mirrors. Ive always tried my best to represent the listener in a way that could never be questioned and that always starts with a quality product. Ive always avoided being a spokesperson for anything resulting in empty promises or results. The diets that don’t talk about consulting your doctor first, the get rich quick schemes that don’t offer their methodology up front or anything with more than 30 seconds of verbal disclaimers.

I walked into the world of ChromaGen by chance. I knew nothing about it, had never heard of it and never knew such technology existed. Little did I know that what started out as something that might be able to help my wife and daughter would eventually leave my mouth wide open in awe and change their lives for the better. As a young girl, my wife Jennifer struggled with dyslexia and still has issues to this day. Her reading and spelling are well below where she should be for someone in her thirties. I admit, it’s a bit frustrating for me as I always excelled in spelling in school and there have been several times I’ve had to help her write letters or e-mails to people because she was worried they wouldn’t look right if she wrote them. One of the great things about ChromaGen is there are many doctors in the DFW metroplex that offer the lenses. I have 5 kids and between my radio job and personal life, my time is valuable! I made an appointment with a ChromaGen representative at a local optometrist’s practice for Jennifer and my daughter Ellie. Ellie is a first grader and had not been doing well in reading. This frustrated Ellie because she is very bright and wants to be a schoolteacher one day. I even bought her a dry erase board for her playroom so she could hold “class” for her siblings and playmates.

After the first few weeks of school, many of her classmates were moving up to higher reading levels. Not Ellie. As her father, I realized I had to do something. I wasn’t going to accept that this outgoing six year old was just going to have to deal with frustration on a daily basis. Many people take reading for granted. For Jennifer and Ellie, words would appear double at times or seem to float all around a page. Then the headaches would begin. Not only was reading not fun, it was painful! During the aforementioned appointment, Jen and Ellie were given various testing materials to read out loud. They were then given the materials to read with ChromaGen lenses. A whole new world opened up for them. They missed many words without the lenses and made a tremendous leap with the ChromaGen lenses on, missing hardly any words! Their enjoyment was visible and life changing. As a father and husband I felt a huge weight come off of my shoulders thanks to ChromaGen lenses. Ellie has moved up three reading levels since she began wearing her ChromaGen lenses. She takes them to school every day. She is on track to finish first grade in fine fashion and has positioned herself to jump right in to second grade without a hitch. Jennifer can’t believe the difference ChromaGen lenses have made in her life. She is so sad that there was nothing like ChromaGen when she was in elementary school. But she is also grateful that she can now spend the rest of her life confident that many of her issues with dyslexia and reading can be aided by these life changing lenses. She most enjoys the lenses while on the computer. She works for a company on a part-time basis and finishes her work without any problems associated with reading the old way.

If you or someone you love struggle with reading, one of the most important things we do in life, please encourage them to read up on the science behind ChromaGen lenses and how they can help. If words move on a page or if headaches or nausea are present due to reading or if that person has issues with dyslexia, I am confident that the best choice they can make now and for their future is ChromaGen lenses. ChromaGen changed my family's life. Please let me know how they’ve changed yours. Happy reading!"

-Tony Lopez - Radio DJ KLTY

I am using them every day

Thank you very much for my ChromaGen glasses. I was nervous about wearing my new glasses (and also excited). But, they are great because I dont feel as dizzy as I used to and it is easier to do my work. Besides, my glasses look cool - the girls in my class think they look fun. I am using them every day and they seem to be helping me. Thank you again!
-Carolyn Waugh