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Patent Protection

Patent Protection

ChromaGen Vision, LLC holds the rights to the patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property from British firm, Cantor & Nissel, Ltd. These rights consist of United States and Canadian protection on color discrimination for contact lenses.

The parent patent (U.S. patent 6,089,712) claimed the process to produce the actual filters, but stopped short of eyeglass-integration, therefore the company filed a new application for both contact lenses and eyeglasses—which was later amended to include several second-generation improvements.

In 2010, the Company was granted a notice of allowance for patent-protection covering the second generation of ChromaGen technology—which includes both spectacles and contact lenses. U.S. patent 7,931,369, entilted "Tinted Lens and Method of Making the Same", further describes our system of "...ophthalmic lens to correct color blindness or dyslexia in a wearer...".

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Clinical Studies and Performance

Our most-recent patent protects the new, extended range of haploscopic filters—which has increased from eight (as claimed in the parent US- and Canadian patents) to a total of 16 filters. This new range of filters has demonstrated up to a 100% increase in performance, when compared to the original eight-filter set.

Prior studies performed with dyslexic students in the United Kingdom demonstrated that when subjects were fitted with filters from the original eight-filter range, they would achieve an increase in reading speed and accuracy of 17%, on average. Recent studies conducted with the support of the Univeristy of Liverpool indicate that dyslexic subjects showed an increase in reading speed and accuracy of 35%, on average, when outfitted with the second generation of our filters.

For more information regarding ChromaGen’s clinical trials, please call (855) 473-2323, or email us at .

Additional Information

Here are a few resources to help you find the answers you seek. Should you require additional info please call.

The Liverpool Study
"The Effect of a New System of Haploscopic Coloured Filters on Rate of Reading and Visual Fatigue in Dyslexics"
Source: School of Psychology, Liverpool University
Contributors: Dr. David Harris, Dr. John Downes, Dr. Richard Latto
Dated: (unpublished)

Patent 7,931,369
"A lens and a method of making lenses suitable for color blindness correction."
Source: United States Patent & Trademark Office
Dated: April 26, 2011

Patent 6,089,712
"Color discrimination may be improved by fitting to a patient's eye a plastics contact lens having a tinted central circular section."
Source: United States Patent & Trademark Office
Dated: July 18, 2000