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She makes fewer errors and progresses more quickly

Christi - Mother
Carolyn - Daughter
"I am thrilled with Carolyn's new glasses. I won't tell you she magically loves to read. But, she doesn't seem to hate it quite as much. We have conducted our own little experiments. She reads 1 page of her books at night with no glasses and then 1 page with glasses. The pages she reads with her glasses - she makes fewer errors and progresses more quickly. She is also more willing to complete her nightly reading. The other night, she even begged to "finish the chapter" - that is the only time I can remember that ever happening. I hope that this trend continues and we create a "reader" out of Carolyn.”

The difference was incredible!

Michelle - Mother
Max - Son
"I hope all is wonderful with you! I just want to thank you once again for letting us know about ChromaGen. It's truly made such a huge difference with Max. Today, we had a progress report on him and we couldn't be happier. The teacher tested him with and without the glasses. The difference was incredible! Max skipped words and lines at times and even added words to the sentences when he wasn't using his glasses. When he was using his glasses, he read 108 words in one minute and went on to score 100% on the reading comprehension questions related to what he read! Max even went so far as to tell us this was his best year. His confidence has really blossomed. I just want to convey how grateful my husband Michael and I are for letting us know about Chromagen and for helping us help Max!!"

She definitely knows the difference now with the glasses

Scott - Father
Morgan - Daughter
"Morgan loves her ChromaGen glasses and wears them mainly at school and only when reading or doing homework at home. They have helped her immensely and came just before the reading portion of the state testing in school. It was perfect timing. Last week at breakfast she was having a conversation with her twin sister explaining the effects of dyslexia, something she was never really able to explain before. She definitely knows the difference now with the glasses. Morgan will be entering high school in the Fall and I believe the glasses will make all the difference in the world.

Thank you again, we are so grateful..."

...her reading speed is picking up too

Deborah Pierce - Mother
Bailey Pierce - Daughter
"Bailey is doing GREAT!!! She has told me that her headaches are less frequent, gone for the most part, and she doesn't get her stomach aches like she use to. All in all, her reading speed is picking up too. Thank you again."

Not only did she read, but she read with confidence

Jennifer Lopez - Mother
Ellie Lopez - Daughter
"As a parent I always knew that one of my children could have the same issues as me. When my daughter Ellie was 4, I started seeing the same characteristics in her struggle to read and write that I saw in myself at that age. As she started Kindergarten and was not grasping reading and struggling with writing, her teacher also made the same observations as me. Now with her in 1st grade she is more descriptive about reading and how the words scrunch together and she can’t keep her spot when reading.

Both my husband and I were very concerned and felt she was slipping in school and would be dealing with the negative comments from other children. I felt very sad for my Ellie that she was going to have to go through what I had as a child. Not even a week later and my husband came home telling me about ChromaGen. I have to say that I was sure I tried every new thing that came out to help with reading and it never worked. My husband said to come and try out ChromaGen and see what you think, and I did. It started out with Ellie reading some random words with her glasses. She was slow, lost, and her eyes were buried in the page. Then they tested her for the right match of glasses and then had her read. Not only did she read, but she read with confidence!

Her face was away from the page, and the words flowed out of her mouth. I could have cried at that moment, as I knew with these glasses she could read out loud in class and present a report too. Then it was my turn. I went through the same process as Ellie. First I read random words and was timed. I knew I was all over the place and just wanted to stop as I felt stupid, but I kept going on. Then the ChromaGen lenses were custom fit for me, and then it was time to read again. To my amazement I had no trouble reading! The words stayed on the page, I never lost my spot, and nothing was blurry. That was the first time I was ever able to read with confidence. I’m so blessed that it works and that Ellie will not have to go through what I did."

...Max has made a tremendous improvement

Mike Berta - Father
Max and Sam - Sons
"Have you ever tried to sit down and read a book or magazine and only be able to read two or three pages until your eyes started watering or you lost concentration? How about when you look at a page and the words move left to right or up and down? Can you imagine how you would feel if your 15 year old son only reads at a 6th grade level? What would you say the first time he ever read a page and told you the words didn’t fall off the side of the book? Or have your 9 year old son instantly start reading for the first time because can see words that are not upside down. My boys and I have suffered from these problems until we were introduced to ChromaGen. The lenses and my glasses have changed our lives!

Hello, my name is Mike Berta and both of my sons and I have Dyslexia. Max and Sam have been diagnosed with severe Dyslexia and from two 3rd party companies that specialize in learning disabilities. The specialist from a learning center in Utah treating types of Dyslexia told us that with continued therapy, Max would be able to read and have his dyslexia under control by graduation from High School. We would have to tutor him and enroll him into a special after school program for the rest of junior high and high school to ensure that he would be able to comprehend and read by the time he entered college. This would be a temporary solution for him - only managing his problem, not curing dyslexia. Max received his glasses one month before school was out for the summer. We made sure that he had the lenses on while he read and we bought magazines that he was interested in so he could get used too the lenses.

After the first quarter of the next school year max has made a tremendous improvement in his confidence and grades in school. The teachers couldn’t believe how much confidence he exuded and how well he improved over the two month period. Max is in the middle of his freshman year of high school and is getting better grades and is having fun in school for the first time. Sam received his lenses in the last month of his 3rd grade school year. Sam spends about half of his day in the resource room getting help with reading and spelling. Sam is reading at a kindergarten grade level before he received his lenses. After Sam received his lenses from ChromaGen, Sam began to read a lot faster and became more confident in the class room. Sam is now a 4th grader and is reading at a 2nd grade level and is improving more and more everyday. We are very thankful for what for the ChromaGen lenses!!

She is excelling and overcoming the obstacles that have held her back...

Jannet Smith - Mother
Raelyn Smith - Daughter
"We are truly blessed by the ChromaGen glasses! I am amazed at how well they work. Raelyn wears them all the time. I have witnessed her reading aloud and WOW what a difference! Before she would have long "pauses" between words and was hard to follow what she was reading, but now she is able to read fluently and retain what she is reading. Raelyn has always been a smart girl, but now she is excelling and overcoming the obstacles that have held her back because of her disability. She says she feels "normal", not out of place. She is so excited about reading and her handwriting is so clear and neat. She says the words "stop moving " and the words "don't shake" or "fall off the page". Since wearing the glasses she says her eyes don't "hurt". The effect this is having will last her a lifetime."

We are thrilled!

"This was very exciting to see the positive impact the glasses were making on day one. He usually dreads this part of the evening.. procrastinates, gets sleepy and has a hard time getting his assignment done. Last night, I had to stop him so he could get some sleep. We are thrilled! Thank you, thank you , thank you…"

...I see improvement

"One of my girls got the glasses this past week. The other got them 2 weeks ago. I would have to say that I see improvement in the sense that they WANT to wear the glasses. They are asking to take them to school. Also, I see the endurance increase in their ability to read. Hannah, in 5th grade is actually READING at night instead of looking at all the pictures. I am looking forward to seeing what their grades do in the coming weeks."