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ChromaGen Lenses: Kid-Tested, Parent Approved
Posted October 17, 2012 By EP Parent

As parents, we naturally want what’s best for our children. One of the most important parts of our role in shaping their lives is to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. As such, building literacy and cultivating a love for reading at an early age is often the first step toward ensuring a bright future for your child.

Of course, learning how to read does not come without its challenges for many children. Some learn more slowly than their peers; others may simply not like to read. But for a number of kids, a visual reading disorder such as dyslexia may be at the heart of their troubles.

ChromaGen lenses are glasses or contacts that reduce symptoms of visual reading disorders. They are helping children of all ages who have conditions such as dyslexia read more easily, quickly and accurately.

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