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Life-changing lenses for visual disorders
Posted August 01, 2012 By Upper Michigan Source

FLORENCE, WI -- An optometrist in Florence, Wisconsin has been changing his patients' outlook on life with new lenses, called ChromaGen. Dr. Nelson Hassell is the only optometrist north of Chicago who has invested in the new technology.

The ChromaGen website reports that they have a 97 percent success rate. Keep in mind the lenses are not covered by insurance so exams will cost $150, and the lenses themselves average about $700-$1000, a pricey penny for a product that’s only been on the market for a short period of time. The lenses are supposed to be an aid for visual disorders and color deficiencies.

Dr. Hassell has been an optometrist for over 25 years and came across ChromaGen approximately eight months ago. After discovering positive research on the product, he decided to give it a go and see how receptive his patients would be to the new lenses. ChromaGen consists of 16 filters that aid visual processing and helps the eyes to work in sync. Each eye is tested separately to find the best combination for the patient.

Dr. Hassell has only had a few patients try the product but so far had positive results. His first patient to try the new lenses was Beanie Leffler. “Between the lenses and the vision therapy, it's totally changed my life. How I look at things and what I can do myself,” says Beanie.

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