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  • Reading gives me headaches
  • I get so tired
  • I hate to read

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia (dis-LEK-see-ah) is a condition in which affected people struggle to grasp the meaning of written or printed words and sentences or to read more than a few lines with comprehensive understanding.

Many Experts Say there is No Vision Component to Dyslexia

Individuals struggling with dyslexia are often led to believe there are limited options for managing dyslexia. Many experts in the dyslexic community will claim that dyslexia is a condition that has no connection to vision. They state that dyslexia is a neurological condition where nothing can be done with an optical correction to improve the ability to read and comprehend what was read.

ChromaGen is changing that. Dr. Harris, who developed the ChromaGen lenses, has concluded after years of studying dyslexia that the majority of people who have dyslexia see words that that appear to be moving on the page in some way. 90% of these people who see words moving will benefit from ChromaGen lenses.

"After years of studying dyslexia, I have concluded that the majority of people who have dyslexia will get a benefit from ChromaGen lenses.

The key is to identify those who see words that move on the page. These are the people that we help."

David Harris, Ph.D
ChromaGen Founder

Dr. Harris has a degree in
Neurological Implications &
Assistance for Reading Disabilities

ChromaGen lenses address two groups of symptoms:

Words that move on the page
Conditions making reading difficult
For 90% of people that see words moving
on the page, ChromaGen is their solution.
  • Patented
  • Life-Changing
  • Risk Free

Once you have evaluated ChromaGen and want to determine if you will benefit from ChromaGen Lenses, you can take the ChromaGen Survey.

  • * The survey is very accurate at pre-qualifying a candidate for ChromaGen Lenses.
  • * At the conclusion of the survey, you will get an immediate response via email.
  • * The email will indicate if ChromaGen will help with your Dyslexia or Reading Problems.
  • * The survey will take 3-4 minutes to complete.
ChromaGen Lenses stop the words from moving
and make words clear and in focus.