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"I finally found my answer, in a simple
pair of ChromaGen Lenses."

Introducing ChromaGen® Lenses


A New Solution to a Complex Problem

ChromaGen is non-invasive and does not involve surgery or chemicals therefore having none of the traditional risks associated with medical devices and procedures. ChromaGen is an optical treatment option employing new patented lenses for people who struggle with a reading problem and/or dyslexia.

ChromaGen Addresses Two Symptom Groups

ChromaGen Lenses have proven to be a Life-Changing Aid for people who struggle with reading problems. The two key symptom groups that ChromaGen Lenses address are     1) Words that appear to be moving on the page when reading and 2) The nagging symptoms of headaches, nausea, and fatigue. It is a new invention which is patented, cleared by the FDA and is now available in the United States. ChromaGen products come with a 90-day unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Do you see words that move on the page?

Individuals who struggle with reading problems often describe words that appear to move on the page, words that are blurry, words that are out of focus, or they see double words or sentences. This is due to their visual processing system not being synchronized, or simply put, their eyes are out of balance and not working together.

ChromaGen synchronizes both eyes.

The ChromaGen lenses are employed to synchronize both eyes so they work together as a team. When the proper ChromaGen lens is prescribed for each eye, the light is slowed down to the “right” speed for each eye which causes the text to become clear and in focus, and effectively stops the words from moving.

The result is that both eyes are then working together as a team to send the proper signal to the brain.  The signal that is sent from the eyes along the neurological  pathways to the brain is now balanced causing the brain to process the information more efficiently or more accurately. The net result is that the text is clear and the words stop moving.


"Reading problems are the single most detrimental condition that has a negative impact on the learning process. ChromaGen Lenses can provide a benefit for the majority of students that struggle with reading.

The key is to identify those students that see words that move on the page or struggle with headaches, nausea, and fatigue. These are the people that we help."

David Harris, Ph.D
ChromaGen Founder

Dr. Harris has a degree in
Neurological Implications &
Assistance for Reading Disabilities

ChromaGen lenses address two groups of symptoms:

Words that move on the page
Conditions making reading difficult
For 90% of people that see words moving
on the page, ChromaGen is their solution.

Once you have evaluated ChromaGen and want to determine if you will benefit from ChromaGen Lenses, you can take the ChromaGen Survey.

  • * The survey is very accurate at pre-qualifying a candidate for ChromaGen Lenses.
  • * At the conclusion of the survey, you will get an immediate response via email.
  • * The email will indicate if ChromaGen will help with your Reading Problems or Dyslexia.
  • * The survey will take 3-4 minutes to complete.
ChromaGen Lenses stop the words from moving
and make words clear and in focus.