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Introducing ChromaGen® Lenses

The Words Stop Moving

When the eye/brain processing system is not balanced, a person with reading problems may experience symptoms such as: blurring or doubling words, words moving on the page, headaches, nausea, fatigue, eyestrain and reduced reading speed and comprehension. Both eyes must work together for efficient reading.  When the eyes are "in sync", blurry words come into focus and moving words come to a stop and are clear. ChromaGen users say that the words now stand still and the ease of reading is greatly improved. They also report a reduction in headaches, nausea, and fatigue.

ChromaGen is Changing the Game

ChromaGen does not claim to be a cure for all reading problems or dyslexia. It is a symptomatic treatment option employing eyeglasses and contact lenses. If you struggle with words that move on the page, you will benefit from the ChromaGen technology only if you wear your ChromaGen lenses, (contacts or eyeglasses). If you stop wearing your ChromaGen lenses the symptoms of headaches, nausea and fatigue and the words moving on the page will resume.

ChromaGen lenses address two groups of symptoms:

Words that move on the page
Conditions making reading difficult
For 90% of people that see words moving
on the page, ChromaGen is their solution.
  • Patented
  • Life-Changing
  • Risk Free

Once you have evaluated ChromaGen and want to determine if you will benefit from ChromaGen Lenses, you can take the ChromaGen Survey.

  • * The survey is very accurate at pre-qualifying a candidate for ChromaGen Lenses.
  • * At the conclusion of the survey, you will get an immediate response via email.
  • * The email will indicate if ChromaGen will help with your Reading Problems or Dyslexia.
  • * The survey will take 3-4 minutes to complete.