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Go ChromaGen!

"ChromaGen lenses have really created a stir and we have had families come from long distances like Albany, Tx, and Bedford and closer to home right here in fort worth. The parents are so excited to finally have something they can see touch and feel in their childs lives that is making a measurable difference in their reading disorder. One of the big selling points is that it is actually FDA approved and has gone through the necessary clinical trials. Parents really like that we are doing something no one else has done before and we are not just selling them a product we are creating a change in their childs life. We are very excited about this and are striving to get the information out to the local school districts and pediatricians. Go Chromagen!"
-Dr. William Aston O.D.

...the words weren't moving all over the place!

"I had my first ChromaGen demo today. My patient MacKenzie is a rising senior who more than likely has unconfirmed dyslexia. Her father and her brother have it but her mom, who also happens to be a school teacher, have delayed having her formally diagnosed. She made a 23 on her last ACT and she has struggled with reading problems all her life. On the test she scored 34 of 35! I went through the process and although she only improved from 102 to 108 on the reading test this was her comment with and without the glasses when I handed her a magazine. Without the magazine, she stated that the words on the pages were all jumbled, but with the glasses the pages looked more interesting and the words weren't moving all over the place! Her mom cried several times."
-Dr. Chris Teichmiller, OD, MPH

...completely overwhelmed with tears of joy

"One young gentleman came from out of state to get an exam for ChromaGen® Color Vision Correction and after seeing the difference with the test lenses, was completely overwhelmed with tears of joy. Another middle-aged lady, diagnosed with dyslexia, had a mile wide smile after receiving her ChromaGen® lenses for reading. The positive feeling for these lenses represent a success story that is extremely hard to articulate but internally it fulfills you with immense satisfaction that you have helped a person overcome an immense deficiency.”
-Dr. Daniel Quon, O.D.

It made such an impact on her

I work at 1 Hour Optical in Augusta, GA and we are a ChromaGen provider.
I wanted to share what we found after testing my daughter over the weekend. She is a unique case in the fact that she has no trouble at all reading words, but has tremendous difficulty with numbers. She reported that the numbers would be blurry, flipped around, scrunched up. She would have to bend way down close to the paper to sort them out (with her regular glasses on). Currently, it is taking her 2 class periods to complete a test-in math only.

I did the ChromaGen testing on her over the weekend, and wow what a difference when we got the lenses prescribed! She went from reading 11 numbers and missing 3 on the first go round, to reading 39 and missing 0. She also has a lot of trouble with fractions..on the initial test she read 8 fractions and missed 4 of them. On the second test with the lens in she read 20 fractions and missed 0.

It made such an impact on her, that when I hit the start button for her to read the numbers the second time with the lens in, she was speechless for a minute…I asked her what was wrong and she said “Nothing..I just can’t believe how clear these numbers are-they are not blurry or bunching together.” - Robin L. Wyatt

-Dr. Andrea Capps
1 Hour Optical

You have changed my life!

Belinda – 40 year old Recovering Alcoholic – "I became an Alcoholic because all my friends and family made fun of me because I couldn't read. The words were never clear to me like they were to other people. They were always moving, swimming, etc. When I found out about ChromaGen from a friend, I contacted the company to find a doctor. I found one in Oklahoma.

I met Kenny Baxter, their VP of Sales and he administered the test on me. Without the lenses I read only 18 words in 40 seconds and missed 12. After he ran the test on me and found the correct lenses, I read 30 words in 20 seconds and I stopped because all I could do was cry because this was the first time in my life I saw what other people saw. Now, all I want to do is read and get caught up on all the books I've missed out on. Thank you ChromaGen and Dr. McLauglin. You have changed my life!"

-Dr. Clay McLauglin

My second ChromaGen patient!

"I had my second Chromagen patient today. An 8-year old boy with dyslexic tendencies but some worsening reading difficulties. He scored 40 on the WRRT then afterward he scored 61. The biggest thing his mom and I noticed was the change in his posture with the glasses vs without. With the glasses, he was much more relaxed when reading but without them, he was very tense and strained and stumbled over more of the words. He was referred by my patient who is the head school psychologist for Hartselle City schools, and he has already referred 2 other patients including the patient with severe color deficiency."
-Dr. Chris Teichmiller, OD, MPH

She was so excited!

"I scheduled my second patient today. The first patient was a 58 y/o woman. She read 71 words/ min. with 5 missed words w/o Chromagen. After selecting the filters she read 99 words/ min. with no errors. She was so excited!"
-Dr. Nelson Hassell